SuperBot 2019 Presents Genesys's Paul Lasserre

This year at SuperBot, we’re proud to have Paul Lasserre, the VP of Product Management, Artificial Intelligence, come talk about building conversational AI experiences to serve his customers. 

About Paul

Paul Lasserre is the Vice President of Product Management for Artificial Intelligence at Genesys, world’s #1 customer experience platform, where he leads the overall AI strategy, investments and go-to-market. Paul previously held a variety of roles focusing on portfolio growth in emerging technology and markets.

In a previous life, Paul chased Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean and oversaw the navigation department of nuclear submarines in the French Navy before moving to the US and get some entrepreneurship experience starting an AI-powered wine recommendation company.

Paul received an MBA from Stanford University, and a Master of Science degree in fluid mechanics from the French Naval Academy.

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