TurboTax's Nikos Ioannou at SuperBot2019

Product lead and engineer Nikos Ioannou will be at SuperBot 2019 this year to share how he transformed customer care at TurboTax by introducing its first chatbot. 

About Nikos

Born and raised in Athens, Greece, Nikos arrived in the states to study engineering at San Diego State University in the ’90s. After receiving both his bachelor’s and master’s, Nikos joined Capital One as a software developer. Quickly, he rose the ranks to become Product Delivery Group Manager. Since then, he has specialized in leading teams to develop products. 

At TurboTax, Nikos works across Intuit offerings to develop products to solve his customers’ complex business problems. He is responsible for expanding the TurboTax Self Employed solution and the TurboTax Self Employed Delivery Team. 

A self-described geek, Nikos has carried a passion for technology and innovation his entire life. He became personally intrigued with the idea of conversational AI because of how much data could be collected and used to improve the chatbot and spearheaded the customer care chatbot at TurboTax.

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