Brian Waite from Discover Lifestyle Studios at SuperBot 2019

Senior Product Manager Brian Waite will be attending SuperBot this year to share his insights and strategies on developing voice skills and chatbots for big brands like the FoodNetwork and HGTV 

About Brian

You’ll find Brian at the intersection of technology and storytelling. His winding career path has taken him on a journey across e-commerce, games, media, and theater. In his current role at Discovery Lifestyle Studios, he is the Product Lead for the Emerging Platforms Team, where he charts a course for great brands like Food Network, HGTV and more on the latest conversational platforms. 


Some recent projects include building a multi-modal version of the Food Network Skill on Alexa (“Alexa, ask Food Network to spin the Flavor Wheel”), and a Valentine’s day game called “Date Your Dessert” that pairs you with the ideal dessert match (“Alexa, ask Food Network to play Date Your Dessert.”)

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